eBay Groups

Client: eBay

Site: [eBay Groups]
*Site design has changed since my work was completed.

Created wireframes and mockups for eBay Groups.

Diabetes How

Client: Diabetes How/ Johnson & Johson

Site: []
*No longer live.

Created wireframes and mockups for Johnson & Johnson's Diabeties community.

Ford Fiesta

Client: LiveWorld

Mockups for LiveWorld's social networking software with Ford Fiesta branding and graphics. The target was a young hip urban audience for a relaunch of the Fiesta brand in America.

With only a few days to execute the mockups, time was critical. With no time or budget for a custom header, something was still needed to help "brand" the site. An easy-to-read yet festive font was paired with alternating bands of color and matching cars to create a header that stood out but didn't overpower the content below.

99 Abacus

Client: 99Abacus

Site: [99 Abacus]
A consumer-oriented web site featuring local business reviews and coupons. Created wireframes, mockups and code for a basic splash page of the site to be completed later by a PHP programmer. Look closely and you'll notice some humorous fake text. Site is no longer active, but the link will take you to my working splash page that was handed off to the client.