Social Voice

Client: LiveWorld

[Click to see the logo in use]

D & J Sproule

Client: Dan & Janice Sproule
Two dear friends were getting married and requested a logo for their wedding program. The D & J of their first names were combined with the Christian icthus fish ~ a symbol of their joint faith. All this in one elegant solution.

Bay Area Super Users Group 2005

Client: Usenix
For the first annual Super Users Group conference in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Finance Connection

Client: Manpower
Logo for a staffing company catering to the financial industry.

Accountance World

Before Finance Connection, this was their working name. It got as far as this prelimnary logo design and an animated website landing page.

[Click to see the logo in action]

far West arts

Client: Dick Rymer/ Far West Arts

Font Circus

Client: Roballoo
With a love for typography, it was only a matter of time before I started designing some of my own. As a result, Font Circus was born, with a logo featuring the letterforms of a font that is still in development.

[Font Circus]*
*We'll ignore the fact that the site is a bit sparse at the moment, but you can download a nifty free dingbat font useful for creating borders.


Client: Park Victoria Baptist Church
Created for a youth-oriented worship service. The letters were drawn with an eye dropper and ink on paper towels. Various leters were then scanned and combined and colored digitally for for maximum *ahem* impact.


Client: Illosource.com/roballoo
Illustration web portal.

Improv Comedy

Client: The Community Museum
For a local Improv comedy class performance flyer.


Client: Ian Shou