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Header Graphics

Client: Liveworld
Problem: A new corporate website was getting ready to be launched. Deadlines loomed and there wasn't enough time for content creators to edit down the text heavy pages.
Solution: Provided a series of graphics at the top of each page to help visually lighten things up visually. Colors were chosen based on primary and secondary site colors and other marketing collaterial.
Note: if you look closely at the News and Reviews image, you can see the one of the other header graphics used in a background screenshot.

Welcome Screen

Client: Liveworld
Problem: The splash screen for the demo version of Liveworld's social networking software needed an arresting image that showcased design solutions for their software.
Solution: a series of screen shots overlaid on a dramatic natural setting. Two solutions were provided, with the blue ocean version as the winning solution.

Banner ads

Usenix Conferences

Client: Usenix
Banner ads for various Usenix conferences In aaddition to the banners, I also designed the BaySug, OSDI, & NSDI logos as well. The design similarities of the OSDI and NSDI conference names allowed the Usenix to save time and money on design expenses by using the same logo idea for both conferences.

Helmet PC

Client: TouchDown Industries
Banner ad showcasing the Oakland Raider themed Helmet PC.