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Rebranding the eBay sellers community


Sellers are a big part of eBay's success. Their sellers community is a place to foster a sense of community with others and to share knowledge and insight with one another for greater success in the eBay marketplace.

eBay had just completed a major overhaul of their main site and wanted to update their community center to reflect this for a consistant look and feel.

My Role

My designs reflected their new look while still straddeling the familiarity of their exisiting community center. The goal was to subtly bring users into a newly updated environment but not alienate them with a radical redesign. I achieved this by keeping content largely in their same locations and incorporating the updated color schemes and rounded colors they were now using.


eBay / LiveWorld


Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

Key Insights

A team effort helps to build a better product.

Backend devs conributed some keen insights into a feature I designed for the calender widget.

By listening to their feedback and modifying my design I dramatically cut down the amount of server resources needed to render the page and reduced page load times.

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