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Giving back to the diabetic community


Diabetes How was an online community from Johnson and Johnson for people, their friends and family, along with doctors who are all dealing with diabetes in one way or another.

The site featured forums, blogs and photo albums all designed to foster a sense of community. The sharing of relevant medical information from doctors along with community encouragement meant a person didn't have to face diabetes alone.

My Role

Existing marketing imagery and design elements led to my grid based design for the header and the rest of the website. Part of my inspiration came from thinking of the strucutral elements in Piet Mondrian paintings. However, unlike Mondrian's bold color choices, I went with more warmer and subdued hues to invoke a more friendly and relaxed environment. The color scheme was adapted from the Diabetes How and Johnson and Johnson logos.

These screen captures are from the site as it was initially built based on my mockups.


Johnson & Johnson / LiveWorld


Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

Key Insights

How can music, movies, art or dance inspire your design choices. For this project I borrowed some ideas from the geoemetric grid paintings of Piet Mondrian.

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